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Subject Index

1967 - 2015

This index is divided into main headings which are printed in alphabetical order. Entries are made only where there is reasonably substantial reference to a subject. The case reference is followed by the standard source reference of year, issue and first page number. There is a considerable amount of cross-referencing where a subject spans more than one heading.

The subject index covers articles, case notes, comment, correspondence, obituaries and notes. It does not include book reviews, reviews of reviews, review articles or notices of honours, most appointments or deaths.

Abortion Edmund Plowden Trust Legislation
Administrative law Education Marriage
Agency Emergency powers Matrimonial property
Canon law Employment Law Medicine
Charitable trusts Equitable remedies Mentally disabled
Children Ethics and morality Natural justice
Common law European Community Personal
Companies Family law Philosophy
Comparative law Government & Parliamentary News Planning
Conflict of laws Human rights Prisons
Constitutional law Immigration & Asylum Race relations
Courts and tribunals International law Roman Catholic Church
Crime Jurisprudence Rule of law
Criminal law Land law Taxation
Damages Law & Religion Scholars Network Trustees
Divorce Legal history Unborn child
Ecclesiastical law Legal profession Welfare state



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