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Law & Justice:

The Christian Law Review

1963 - 2021

One Day Conference:

Beyond Belief: Religion, Belief and Ethics in 21st Century Charity Law

This was a major conference exploring what should be accepted as non-religious belief in Charity Law and of interest to professionals advising charities, charity trustees and executives and those involved in religious and non-religious charities.
To view the conference please click here

Organised by Law & Justice, the Christian Law Review with the support of the
Centre for Law and Religion, Cardiff University.

For further details please contact:
Mrs. Anne Duddington Administrator, Edmund Plowden Trust, 6 Hanbury Park Road, Worcester WR2 4PB UK
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Law & Justice is a peer reviewed journal published by the Edmund Plowden Trust for the purpose of assisting and promoting the study and understanding of the law of this country (UK) and its legal systems in themselves and by comparing them with the laws and systems of other countries and by considering them in the light of Christian sources such as The Declaration of Religious Freedom (of the Second Vatican Council), International Law, Canon Law and the Law of Nature.

The online Case Index is a particularly valuable resource to scholars working in the field of law and religion. Abstracts of recent journal articles are also available online.

In addition to publishing "Law & Justice" the Trust

holds the Richard O'Sullivan Memorial Lecture,

when a distinguished lawyer speaks on a topic concerned with

Law and Christian values.



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